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got coffee?

This is really bad news for peopel who can't live without coffee. We went to buy a new one as soon as we could. The new one we got is a "Delonghi", a very smart coffee machine!!! I think this kind of machine should be the third best invention ever (following the dish washer and the TV).

In Austria (not sure if it's the same in other european countries), almost every houshold owns a coffee machine  like Saeco. It makes wonderful coffee (expresso,cappuccino or latte) and doesn't cost a fortune to buy it.

What the world will be without coffee!...the smell...the taste...umm..ok,sorry....i just love love to love coffee~

I always hear people say "don't drink too much coffee, it's not good for your health"! Especially for women... because the caffeine can trigger anxiety in some people, it increases blood pressure and causes isomnia and some other risks. But recent studies show that coffee can burn fat from our bodies so it helps to diet. It also prevents hepatitis and blood vessel disease (more info at http://tw.lifestyle.yahoo.com/dc6945c9/050209/174/1yrjj.html). 

I think it doens't matter if it's coffee,alcohol or food...it's never good if we have too much of it~ 

*the new baby*